Staff Photo, Pine Island Camp in Belgrade Lakes, Maine.


We take great care in hiring counselors and other staff members, seeking young people who will serve as exceptional role models for our campers. Many of our staff members have been campers themselves, all are interviewed by the director, and we do not hire any counselors through agencies. We look for young people who demonstrate exceptional character, judgment, and humor and who share our love of the outdoors.

All of our staff, including our director, live on the island with the campers. We play, learn, work, and eat together and live as a family. In addition to our director and his wife, our staff includes an assistant director, a medic, two drivers, a skipper for the launch, cooks and kitchen crew, a small staff at Whitehead Island, five counselors-in-training, and twenty-five to thirty counselors. The counselors live in tents and cabins with the boys, teach daily activities, and lead camping trips. Many of our counselors bring with them to Pine Island other talents and interests, including musical talent, travel and camping experience, an interest in writing and reading, and skill in acting and performing. Each tent group consists of four campers of the same age and a counselor, but the overall camper-staff ratio is closer to 3:1.