Two Islands – New York City and Pine Island Camp

Here’s another one of our favorite pieces from The Pine Needle.  A poem by Matt H., Isaac F., Dean R., and Xander S., four of our NYC campers.

In NYC you hear ambulance sirens and car horns. At PIC you hear loons calling on the lake.

In NYC to turn on a light, all you have to do is flip a switch.  At PIC to turn on a light, you can’t.

In NYC you ride in cars, busses and the subway.  At PIC you ride in canoes, rowboats, kayaks, sailboats, and the K.W.S.

In NYC you can see a show on Broadway, but at PIC you can see a campfire or an SNS.

In NYC there are rats and small dogs.  At PIC we have sacred animals.

In NYC you can get organic vegan gluten-free Indian food 24/7.  At PIC  you can get an apple from the kitchen just about any time.

In NYC you have to find an apartment to live in.  At PIC we live in tents, which are bigger than some studio apartments in NYC!

In NYC we listen to Johnny Cash.  At PIC we listen to Johnny Credit Card…live!

In NYC we play video games.  At PIC we read.