Our 2022 Season Is Almost Here

I recently spent a beautiful Saturday on the shore of Bryant Pond learning how to cast a fly rod. About two hours into the lesson, after some frustrating moments—including getting the line tangled in my hair—it started to click. I stopped concentrating on the mechanics of the movement, and got into a rhythm. And for the first time in a while, I felt the excitement that comes with learning a new outdoor skill, and all the opportunities it invites. And I realized this is a small part of what it feels like to be a camper at PIC. 

Each day at Pine Island is a chance to try something new: learn to sail, roll a kayak, swim to the mainland, hit the bullseye, craft a chair, star in a Saturday Night Show… As campers make their way through the ranks of the activities of their choosing, those skills add up. There will be frustrating moments and setbacks, but throughout the summer they’ll make strides in the direction they choose. And in the end, they’ll have far more than a patch in their hand. They’ll have the confidence that only comes from earned achievement. It won’t all be easy, but it will all be worth it. And we’re excited for it to begin.

We’re grateful for all the parents, volunteers, and donors who have made this upcoming season possible, and we look forward to every challenge and success ahead.

All the best,
Sarah Hunter
Communications Director

P.S. When they’re not in activities, our 2022 Pine Islanders will be paddling, hiking, and fishing their way through New England this summer. We’ve shared their tripping options below. If you see them on the trail, please say hello.

Our 2022 Trips

Included in the myraid tasks that consume these last weeks is finalizing our trip schedule. Great care is taken in crafting these expeditions, which range from one-night trips to weeks-long journeys on the trails and waterways of New England. Our campers will fish iconic rivers, backpack through Baxter State Park, hike The Greatest Mountain, traverse the Presidential Range, paddle quiet waters, and navigate class-2 rapids. They’ll maintain a section of the Appalachian Trail, explore tide pools on Whitehead Island, and follow Thoreau’s journey on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. From beginner trips to challenging expeditions, we have something for all of our campers. We provide the options; they pick their adventures. This year, our trip calendar includes:

Beginner Trips

Mt. Washington – 3-day hike up Mt. Washington
Oak Island – 2-day introduction to camping on nearby Oak Island
Saddleback – 3-day hike up Saddleback Mountain
Bald Pate – 3-day hike on the Appalachian Trail
Bigelow – 3-day hike on Mt. Bigelow
Moosilauke – 3-day hike on Mt. Moosilauke
Kennessassabackscot – 3-day paddle from the Kennebec to Swan Island, then the Sasanoa, Back, and Sheepscot Rivers to Wiscasset

Intermediate Trips

Cliffhanger – 4-day hike in the White Mountains from Ethan Pond to the Kangamangus Highway including Mt. Guyot and Mt. Bond
West Branch – 4-day canoe trip on the West Branch of the Penobscot River
Northern Peaks – 4-day hike on the Appalachian Trail following the Presidential Peaks north of Mt. Washington
Flag Big Flag – 4-day adventure in the War Yacht, a 28-foot canoe that can be paddled or sailed. Campers paddle on Flagstaff Lake to the base of Mt. Bigelow. They ascend Mt. Bigelow, spend one night on the mountain, and then paddle back the length of Flagstaff Lake.
Lafayette’s March – 5-day hike in the Pemigewasset Wilderness region of the White Mountains
Carter-Moriah – 4-day hike in the White Mountains for intermediate hikers
Moose River – 4-day canoe trip along a rare and scenic loop route. Campers begin on Attean Pond, portage up to Holeb Pond and Holeb Stream (which can run in either direction depending on rainfall) and then descend the Moose River. 
Chip Lakes – 4-day canoe on the Chiputneticook Lakes, the headwaters of the Saint Croix River

Advanced Trips

Senior Katahdin – 5-day hike through Baxter State Park and up Maine’s Greatest Mountain
Old Speck – 4-day hike following the Appalachian Trail through the famous Mahoosuc Notch
ONG-BAK (O.A.R. Navigators Going Backward Along the Kennebec) – 4-day rowing trip from Waterville to Bath Iron Works
Senior Whites – 7-day hike from Franconia Notch to Pinkham Notch
Senior Canoe – 6-day paddle on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway
St. Croix – 4-day canoe adventure on the St. Croix River
ONGBOSS – 4-day rowing trip on the Saco River from Swans Falls to Hiram in dories

For Everyone

ATC Hawg – 3-day work trip clearing the 5-mile section of the Appalachian Trail from Pierce Pond to the Kennebec River (a PIC tradition since the 1950s)
I.P.F.D. (Indian Pond Fishing Derby) – 3-day fishing trip on Indian Pond and the east outlet of the Kennebec River. Great spot for salmon, brook trout, lake trout, and bass.
Big Eddy – Designed and led by Doug Faherty, parent of long-time Pine Islander Jack Faherty, this 3-day trip takes campers to the “Big Eddy” on the Penobscot River. Pine Islanders have caught many brook trout and salmon on this trip, including a 20+” salmon that had onlookers ogling.
Whitehead Island – 4-day trip on PIC’s saltwater outpost to explore the rocky shoreline, learn about the biology of the large intertidal zone, play games, learn knot-tying, dig for clams, and search for other wild edibles under the expert guidance of our Whitehead program director.
Maine Woodsman and Junior Maine Woodsman certification program – a 3-day trip at Pine Island’s Norridgewock camp site. Before leaving, campers create a meal plan and prepare their own gear for the trip. At the camp site, they construct their own sleeping shelters, cook all the food themselves, and pass numerous examinations in essential camping skills.

Expedition Camp Schedule

Twelve of our oldest campers (15- and 16-year-olds) have signed on to Expedition Camp – our rigorous and rewarding outdoor leadership training program. Led by two experienced counselors, Expedition Campers train for and complete two long camping trips – a canoe trip on the Penobscot, Allagash and St. John Rivers and a hike on Vermont’s Long Trail. The campers plan these trips and take turns in the leadership role while out on the trail. Here’s the outline of their summer:

June 24: Arrive!
June 25-28: Orientation, practice canoeing & pre-trip at PIC
June 29-July 1: Wilderness First Aid course at Whitehead Island
July 2-13: Canoe trip on the Penobscot, Allagash and St. John Rivers
July 14: R&R
July 15-16: Saturday Night Show, Club Honk, Camp Picture, Regatta
July 17-18: Pre-trip for the Long Trail
July 19-31: Backpack on Vermont’s Long Trail
August 1-2: R&R
August 3-5: King’s Game
August 6: Packing Day
August 7: Farewell