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A mid-summer tradition

Our expedition campers returned earlier this week from their 16-day canoe adventure on the Penobscot, Allagash and St. John Rivers. Their next trip will be a visit to Whitehead Island before they set off for a 10-day hike on Vermont’s Long Trail. But for now they and the entire Pine Island community are in camp for the camp picture and Pine Island’s traditional Regatta, which was held in perfect, sparkling weather this afternoon. The Regatta included canoe, kayak, dory, and sailboat races, as well as War Yacht time trials, and every PIC camper participated.

Tonight after dinner, campers will head up to Honk Hall, which has been transformed for this special night into Club Honk. They’ll take their seats at milk-crate tables, peruse the menu of assorted candies, of which they can select two, and settle in for an evening of musical entertainment. It’s a mid-summer tradition!

Bezumarangs bring frequent sailing races back

Generous donations by two friends of Pine Island made the construction of two more Monte Ball Bezumarangs sailboats last winter possible, thus bringing the Bezumarang fleet to four.  MGB II and Artimisia joined U.S.S. Rankin and U.S.S. Springfield on Great Pond last June.  The Bezumarangs were designed by David Stimson to be easily handled by sailors with intermediate sailing skills and to bridge the gap between being a novice passenger in one of the two Sloan 12 1⁄2 catboats and handling one of our two high-performance JY-15s.  The Bezumarangs have been a great success and have allowed more boys to take the helm of a sailboat safely in a variety of weather conditions.

The four Bezumarangs racing in light winds on Great Pond.

The four Bezumarangs racing in light winds on Great Pond.

With four identical boats, Pine Island now has its own one-design racing class, and last season saw the start of what promises to be an annual season-long series of races during activities, after dinner, and as part of the Welder Superior-Far Leaguer games on Sunday afternoons.  Racing, first practiced by pirates and naval vessels with life or death consequences to the loser, has long been the best way for sailors to learn how to sail a boat efficiently and safely, and the benefits to the Pine Island sailing program have already become evident.  The PIYC is already planning a full slate of races for the 2014 season and is having all four Bezumarangs made ship-shape in the off season. Our thanks especially to Barry Lindquist and family for their enthusiastic and generous participation in this successful project, which has made Pine Island’s fleet complete and hard to beat.

Monte Ball Bezumarang Sailboats

I was in Boothbay today and stopped by to visit with boat designer and builder David Stimson and his two sons Nathaniel and Abe (Pine Island Camp counselor for 4 summers, Whitehead Assistant Director for 2 summers, and director of last falls Sloan Critchfield Memorial Boat Maintenance Weekend).  The three of them are part-way through the construction of 2 more (making a total of 4) Monte Ball Bezumarangs Sailboats, which are gifts of two Pine Islanders.  These beautiful and durable boats will be completed this spring and will join the Pine Island Camp fleet.  The addition of these two boats will enable even novice to intermediate sailors to race on a regular basis.  The Bezumarangs are easy to rig and sail, much like a Sunfish, and they are stable enough for sailors who are not super experienced to go out  in windy weather and stay out of trouble.  Can’t wait to launch them!      Akka Lakka – Ben

David Stimson with one of the new Bezumarangs

Cedar planking visible here

Frames and cockpit sole in place

David, Abe, and Nathaniel Stimson

# 4 Bezumarang partly planked

2012 Campers Cade G. and Noah B. in sailing class with a Bezumarang