Pine Island Camp recruits local Sail Maker to Craft Canvas Tents

Throughout the off-season we work to make sure the Pine Island experience is the best it can possibly be for campers and staff.  We work hard to fine exceptional staff, we work with local farmers to secure fresh fruits and vegetables during the camp season, and every year we undertake projects to maintain the buildings and grounds at Pine Island and Whitehead Island.  There are so many details, all of which are important and most of which are hardly noticeable, but together they lay the foundation for another great summer at PIC.  Among these details, are the tents.  Campers and staff spend their summers sleeping in canvas wall tents and it’s critical that the tents be sturdy and sound.  Over the years our tents have undergone a series of changes, always improving.

For many years our tents were manufactured by a company in Indiana.  Last year we called to order two more tents and found that the Indiana company had sold their tent division to a company in California. While manufacturing canvas wall tents is not exactly a high-growth industry, we thought that maybe we could find someone a bit closer to home to make tents for us.   With help from girls’ camp Alford Lake, we found Bohndell Sails of Rockport, ME. Bohndell has been making tents for Alford Lake for many generations and was eager to make them for us. Director Ben Swan brought an old tent to the Bohndell facility to use as a template and they set to work. The result was two beautiful tents with all the features we need to make the tents weatherproof. The tents performed beautifully and as an unexpected bonus they let in more light through the canvas.   Campers and staff alike pronounced the Bohndell tents a great success! We will be ordering two more tents this winter.