Innovation, Imagination, and Intrigue: A Summer of Sensational Saturday Night Shows – Part II

By Corinne Alsop

The second Saturday Night Show of 2018 brought a charming adaptation of Boyhood entitled Buckhood. This show was written, directed, and narrated by seasoned Pine Island thespian and senior camper Buck Livingston. Teddy Mottur takes the stage, portraying the charming Young Buck. Soon, he meets Ben Swan (Victor Clamageran). Clamageran’s Swan is strong and captivating. Young Buck then finds his way to tentmate David Effron, whose welcoming attitude is portrayed well by Eamonn Daniels. Eventually, Young Alex Lanoff (Ben Lew) and Young Will Napolitano (Luke Beatie) enter the scene: the trio of actors’ camaraderie and goofiness parallels the real-life bond between the three boys. They begin their rise to fame as campfire performers in the skit series “The Expandables,” which in real life extended over five summers. Then Buck (Max Klivans), Lanoff (Alec Ritchie), and Napolitano (Arthur de Rochefort) take the stage as the winsome threesome, a few years older and wiser, while they struggle through a heroic downfall, which includes a terrible Maine Woodsman experience, campwide skit-fatigue, and the trio’s breakup because of Expedition Camp. Klivans, Ritchie, and de Rochefort bring truth and maturity to their portrayal of the tragic heroes. The mood is kept light and jovial, however, through Livingston’s expertly written and delivered narration. And it’s a happy ending for all: the trio is asked to produce one last skit that earns them such fame and glory that Ben Swan asks Buck to take over his job as Director, with Lanoff and Napolitano as Assistant Directors. A heartwarming tale, expertly acted, narrated, and directed entirely by campers.