Innovation, Imagination, and Intrigue: A Summer of Sensational Saturday Night Shows – Part I

By Corinne Alsop

The 2018 Pine Island community was treated to imaginative and hilarious productions every Saturday night this summer. The season began with an original production, Disappearance. Directors Mark Pierce and Matt Hawkins wrote, casted, and directed a thriller based on the real-life disappearance of Tent 15 several years ago. The Curtain opens to new campers, played by capable leads Will Hartley, Arthur de Rochefort, and James Burrell, questioning counselor Bobby Flynn (himself) about the missing tent. Skipper Ben Schachner, played with proper level-headedness by Irving Baldwin, sends the boys to counselor Nico Ramirez, played by the skilled Caleb Choe. Ramirez runs an underground anthropology lab near Colby College that contains records of every Pine Islander in history. Hearing Nico whisper, “Find Rhoads” as he dies, having eaten a poisoned Charleston Chew, the trio returns to the island to find Rhoads Miller (Eben Weislogel) who leads them to the trapdoor beneath the old Tent 15 site. This is the first of Weislogel’s excellent performances this season. Soon the group must complete trials that The Guardian, also played by the versatile Caleb Choe, has planned for intruders. After Will and Arthur fall victim (yet again!) to poisoned Charleston Chews, Rhoads and James must face the evil Perch Monster (Navi Vaisbort). An epic battle ensues, and Rhoads chases the monster away. James, the only camper left in the perch chamber, finally discovers the that the real monster is Charles Tonchew, also played by Vaisbort. Charles explains, in an extensive monologue that gives the villain’s backstory, the history of Tent 15.  James and Tonchew duel using Chews as swords. James is victorious, putting an end to crime once and for all at PIC. 

This is the first installment of a five-part series. The full story will be available in the upcoming edition of Pine Island Camp’s newsletter, The Pine Needle. Stay tuned!