Introducing our Expedition Camp Directors

We are happy to announce that Noah Brodsky and Walker McDonald have signed on to lead Expedition Camp this summer.

Noah is a junior at Colorado College from New York City. He spent five summers as a camper and later returned to teach rowing for several years. Last year Noah joined the last few days of the expedition camp hike to fill in for injured leader Cole Gibson. Sumner immediately sought out Noah after learning about Cole’s injury. “You like to hike, right?” Moments later Noah was packed and in the van, heading to Vermont’s Long Trail. He quickly won over the hearts of the expedition campers by hiking in with an apple pie.

Noah Brodsky, 3rd from the right.

Walker is a junior at Clemson University from Columbia, South Carolina. He joined a long list of South Carolinian Pine Islanders three years ago when he signed on as woodshop instructor. It was Joe Kovaz who recognized Walker, his physics and chemistry student, as a potential Pine Islander. Joe was right. Walker represents the continued growth of the Monte Ball legacy of southern staff.

Walker McDonald, 2nd from the left.

Both Noah and Walker have traveled many miles of trails and waterways in Maine and New Hampshire and they have a combined 14 years experience at Pine Island. They are also both Wilderness First Responders. Together they will provide guidance to our 10 expedition campers as they train and prepare for – and ultimately complete – two extended camping trips. The first adventure is a 12-day canoe trip on the Penobscot, Allagash and St. John Rivers. The second is a 12-day hike tackling the most challenging 100 miles of Vermont’s Long Trail. We’re grateful to have Noah and Walker return as our expedition camp directors.