2020 Summer Programming

Since our decision to cancel camp this season, we’ve received an outpouring of ideas and enthusiasm for some type of programming from PIC this summer. After much thought and discussion, we’ve settled on a hybrid form of communication that involves a combination of pre-recorded demonstrations and live, interactive discussions.  We have a variety of projects, lessons and contests planned to share with you throughout the next several weeks.  This programming is open to everyone – current, past, and prospective camp families are all welcome to take part in any and all of our offerings this summerAnd there is no cost to participate. 

In order to ensure safety we are working with a skeleton crew – 10 staff members plus director Sumner Ford, for a total of 11 people on the island. It was not easy to select only 10 people from our deep pool of talented staff members.  We wish we could have had all of them – and all of our campers – with us this summer.  But keeping it to 10 has made it manageable. We’ve taken a variety of measures to ensure their saftey.* Returning campers will know all of these counselors, and new campers have already seen several of them at our weekly Campfire events (now renamed to PIC T.EL.E.V.I.S.I.O.N. – more on that below). They are Corinne Alsop, Natalie Burr, Bobby Flynn, Miles Frank, Justin Gaspard, Matthew Hawkins, Matt Miller, Madison Olds, Mark Pierce, and Jack Reed. 

Together they’re creating some incredible content for our campers and they’re sharing it all on our new Google site: PIC 2020 Summer Programming.

This site includes skill-building tutorials in a variety of activities, sign-up sheets for private music lessons, projects, contests, reading recommendations, and more. Here are just a few of the videos we have posted so far:

Letter writing is one of many special traditions at Pine Island Camp. Learn more about it in this great video by Jack Reed. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to write to someone you haven’t seen in a while, maybe one of our counselors or a camp friend!
Corinne teaches you how to find out where you are in relation to where you want to be!
Mark and Jack break down the Square Knot.
Our musically-talented counselors are offering guitar lessons! You can sign up for your lesson here: Guitar Lessons. They’re also offering to record songs by request!

These videos are available now and more are being added daily! Check out our Summer Programming website for the full schedule of events. Email questions, suggestions, and your skill demonstrations to pineislandprogramming@gmail.com or call us at 207-465-3031.

In addition to this terrific summer programming, PIC T.EL.E.V.I.S.I.O.N will be live from camp on Wednesday nights at 8 pm on Facebook.  We realize that not everyone has a Facebook account, so we’re going to post the weekly shows on the Google site after they air live.
Special thanks to the Gilbert brothers – Colin, Ryan and Owen – for coming up with the winning name suggestion for our weekly campfires!

We know that none of this makes up for not being at camp. Although we cannot recreate the experience our campers have lost, we hope, through videos and zoom calls, to give them a taste of the community we share together each summer. Normally technology is an impediment to creating our community when we’re all on the island together. But this year is different. Please join us if you can.

All the best,
Sarah Hunter
Communications Director

P.S. When the staff not creating amazing content for our campers, they’ll be involved in one of several gloriously unglamorous jobs – cleaning the perches, beefing up erosion control on the west side of the island, refinishing the Dining Hall floor, and other tremendously important tasks to ensure the island is in top shape to welcome our campers back next summer.

*We want to let you know we have put a tremendous amount of effort and thought into keeping our small staff safe this summer. Each staff member has undergone a 14-day isolation period.  They each have their own living quarters on the island. Their temperatures and oxygen levels are being monitored daily.  They are in small cohort groups and keeping 6 feet of distance between groups.  They are remaining on the island for the entire 5-week period and no visitors are allowed.  Despite these strict measures, though, they’re happy to be there and are excited about providing programming for anyone who wants to participate.