Outside the Box by Henry S.

The Pine Needle is on its way to mailboxes around the globe.  Here’s another preview, this one from the Campers Write section.  This was written during the 2013 season by Henry S., a 12-year-old camper.

Most kids go to camp to learn about water skiing, tubing, and other types of activities that include the use of modern technology.  Pine Island campers receive something more. We learn about how life used to be by doing more with less.  When my friends from home tell me about their experiences from camp, telling them that I spent six weeks living in a tent with no electricity or running water probably won’t sound like much fun.  I think the reason people don’t think it sounds fun is that it’s different.  When I decided to come to Pine Island, I considered it a leap of faith.  I knew that it was either going to be spectacular or mediocre.  My risk has paid off, and I am having one of the best times of my life.  When I go home and tell my New York City friends of my summer hiking mountains, learning to kayak and sail, and making so many new friends, I think they might have trouble thinking of a comeback.  Pine Island gives kids the fun that they want and also something that they don’t always realize.  Pine Island makes kids better people in the long run.  Pine Island has made me a better person!


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  1. Jim Cornwell

    Well said by a current camper! Campers of my era might have expressed a similar sentiment over a half-century ago – and a half-century before that, I’ll bet!

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