Our Mission

Independence coupled with a concern for others, honesty, generosity, good humor, and the ability to find joy in life — these are the qualities we want for our campers. Our purpose is to give boys an adventurous, happy, and safe summer experience where they can find these all-important qualities within themselves. To this end, Pine Island Camp keeps its enrollment small, its program challenging and imaginative, and its life simple, unplugged, and close to nature.

“I believe that this past summer at Pine Island was, quite simply, one of the most important experiences of our son’s life and one of the best investments we could have made in his future.”

What’s New?

Not Your Average Woodcraft Class!

Not Your Average Woodcraft Class!

A group of my best friends and I hike quickly through the woods in the morning light. Speed and timing are everything. Each of us understands his assignment and our common goal…

Welcome Alex Toole!

Welcome Alex Toole!

We are excited to welcome our Incoming Director, Alex Toole! Alex officially joined the PIC team earlier this month. He will work closely with Outgoing Director Sumner Ford…

My View From the Doctor’s Cabin Porch

My View From the Doctor’s Cabin Porch

Every night, part of my routine involves…thinking about all the people I’m grateful for. I try to remember when this habit formed…I’m pretty sure it was at Pine Island that it first became part of my routine….


Build and Become an Essential Part of a Community

At Pine Island, everyone arrives together, helps build a unique and successful community together, and departs (reluctantly!) together. Our single session means that boys are not coming and going throughout the summer. They’re all invested in the success of the community. Participation by every boy is needed, and every boy learns that what he has to offer has value. We understand how hard it is to let your boy go. We also know from decades of experience that if you do, both you and he will be richly rewarded in ways that will last a lifetime.

A magical island in the middle of a pristine, quiet lake in Maine.

Camp Life

A Place For Every Boy

Whether your son is shy or gregarious, big or small, this camp will challenge him to be at his best in the varied circumstances of simple outdoor living, albeit under the close supervision of our caring staff. The more you learn about this magical place, the less surprising you will find the fact that it all happens on a tiny wooded island in a pristine, quiet lake in central Maine.



We offer two two-hour activity periods each day. Boys select their activities after breakfast each day.


Nightly Campfire

From full-length theatrical pieces to impromptu skits, we entertain one another.



Incredible adventures across the New England wilderness.


Expedition Camp

Our capstone leadership development program.

“Not having grown up with a camp experience, I was a bit skeptical but am a true convert based on the simplicity and serenity your camp has instilled in my son.”