We are looking for great candidates to fill our last few positions this summer. If you know someone who might be interested in any of these roles, please call (207-465-3031) or email me (sford@pineisland.org).

Benefits include:

  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid training
  • Swiftwater Rescue training
  • ACA Level II Canoeing training
  • Lifeguard training
  • Skipper training
  • Comprehensive PIC staff training
  • Three home-cooked meals a day
  • Rustic and beautiful lakefront accommodations

Head Cook: This role requires exceptional organizational, leadership, and communication skills. The head cook is the manager of the kitchen. They are in charge of designing, planning, and preparing healthy meals that easily accommodate the camp community’s dietary needs and preferences. They are tasked with ordering food, working with local farmers to secure fresh produce, and designing meals around fresh ingredients to ensure minimal food waste. The head cook sets a tone of professionalism and camaraderie among the kitchen staff. They lead and work in concert with the assistant cook and kitchen staff to produce high-quality meals while ensuring that all safety and health procedures are followed. Salary begins at $6,300; dates are June 10-August 8.

Assistant Head Cook: This person works with the head cook to produce three delicious meals a day and manage the kitchen staff. Strong organizational skills are required for this position. Although it’s not necessary to have a background in the food industry, this is a great opportunity for anyone interested in culinary arts. Salary begins at $4,200; dates are June 10-August 8.

LTIP (Leadership Training Internship Program): This program teaches rising high school juniors and seniors numerous skills with a focus on developing leadership skills. LTIPs learn how to drive motorboats, use power tools, work in the kitchen, and perform countless maintenance tasks around the island, most of which require ingenuity and many of which involve getting dirty. They also fill in for counselors as needed, and they learn how to lead trips and teach activities. As a result of these myriad chores and responsibilities, LTIPs are cross-trained in a variety of roles. Salary begins at $2,000; dates are June 19 – August 7.

Drivers: Our drivers must have a clean driving record and be at least 21 years old. In past years, we’ve found that teachers and recent college graduates enjoy working as drivers. The independent nature of the job, combined with the chance to see every corner of New England (including many of its long, bumpy dirt roads) are enticing. Salary begins at $3,300; dates are June 10-August 8.

Thank you,
Sumner Ford